We Can’t Afford Being Hurt Again.

Net citizens in China are sometimes very humorous in expressing their ideas and wills. As you may know we Chinese have some difficulty in having full access to the internet. So some special ways are created and used in expressing freely on the internet, which is very interesting and funny. One way is to make use of Chinese characters that are very different from English.

Here I want to write about something that happens in China, especially something very popular on the internet. If you want to know more about China, you can contact me via email: eo.univer@gmail.com.

This phrase is very popular among the net citizens in China now. Literally it means “can’t afford being hurt again”. It can be explained roughly that we are in the position of being disadvantageous, and another attack will destroy us thoroughly.

With the increasing competition and pressure on life, many people feel that they are very vulnerable and lamentable. So they use this Chinese phrase to express their feelings and want to attract attentions from others.

With the prevalence of this phrase, it seems that almost everyone is using it. And now many net citizens use it in a recreational way.