Can we say that it is the new Internet bubble when so many Chinese Internet companies wait in line to go listed in the US?

As of now, more than four Internet companies from China have finished their IPOs in security market of America, and now more Internet companies in China are waiting in line to go listed in the US. But can we predict that this would be another Internet economy bubble since 2000?

The Internet in China is a special industry. What opportunities and risks would be hidden in this Internet rush? And now the advocacy that the next Internet bubble has come since 2000 is very popular in capital market of America. But many investors don’t agree. Marc Andreessen, a Web 2.0 venture capitalist, said in an interview, “In my experience, when nobody’s talking about it, there’s a bubble. When everyone keeps talking about it, there’s no bubble.” And a Chinese capitalist wrote in his micro blog that the peak of this Internet bubble is Facebook’s going listed. So he thinks that you still can earn a lot before that. Some entrepreneurs are even optimistic about this Internet rush. They think that if the number of investment is matched with the growth speed of the company we should not call it bubble.

In China many investors don’t care about the development of a company in the long run. They just care that if companies can go listed successfully and they cash from it. Standing on the point of capitalists they don’t wish a bubble. But we can’t control and predict market in the future. Only time will tell if it is another Internet bubble.


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