Women Rule The Internet? I Don’t Think So

Alien Lee wrote an article that shows how women rule the Internet. She wrote women internet user number grows fastest and women act more and more positively on the internet. It is obvious that more and more women are now using internet and engaged in the internet industry. But can we now say women rule the internet. I don’t think so. It just surprises people and attract attention to say so.

First Alien Lee only focused on the e-business and SNS. We can conclude from the statistics that more women are buying goods from the internet and more active on SNS websites. And they spend more time than man on the website like Facebook.com. But it needs a long time to say that it is woman who rules the internet. The internet involves not only e-business and SNS. It involves computers, communication technology, industry standards and many other aspects.

I don’t mean to be sex discrimination. Men and women are just good at different industries and fields. In my real life I think now more men than women are engaged in the internet industry. I met hacks most of whom are men. More men than women are writing the codes. It is reality that more men than woman are working at the basic aspects of the internet.

Maybe it is meaningless to talk about who really rule the internet. Both men and women can contribute to the development of the Internet industry. Just men and women are good at different fields.


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