Don’t Take Your Phone When You Take Part in the Party

During friends’ gatherings when the food is brought onto the table, everyone takes their phones and takes the pictures of the foods. Then they will upload the pictures onto their micro blogs. And they don’t want to talk face to face but they feel good to share things via micro blogs. It is strange.

With the popularity of many kinds of SNS and iPhone, iPad modern people become more and more addicted and dependent on the online social life and entertainment, which even lead to the degeneration of the ability of interpersonal communication etiquette. And many people think that the thumb movement makes us rude. So many people advocate that we should not take our phones when we take part in the party.

“Add one more achievement to the digital revolution: It has made it fashionable to be rude.” David Carr wrote. You can imagine the situation or you have experienced this situation. You talk to somebody, but he or she is just looking into a phone. You aren’t sure if he is listening to you. You think he or she is rude, but it is also rude to tell him or her to listen to you.

Just imagine the society in which everyone don’t talk with each other face to face or eye to eye but they all carry with a phone to communicate with each other. Maybe one day human’s ability to speak will degenerate. It is terrible.


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