Nokia Empire Becomes Uncle Nokia

On the city wall the warlords’ banners keep changing. Motorola reigned supreme in the age of analog signals. And Nokia was dominant in the 2G era. And now in the era of 3G Apple iPhone exceeds them all. The first season finical report showed that the revenue of Apple iPhone has exceeded Nokia. And at the beginning of this month the Nokia market share value has been exceeded by HTC. Although Apple and HTC can’t be bracketed with Nokia in the aspects of market share, sales and the richness of product series, there is no much time left for Nokia to make the change.

iPhone is the most profitable phone. It tells us many things if we compare the Apple finical report with that of Nokia. The revenue of the iPhone was 12.3 billion US dollars and Nokia was 10.3 billion US dollars. And in the same three months Apple sold 18.7 million iPhones and Nokia sold 108.5 phones. And the average price of iPhone is 660 dollars and the Nokia is about 94.6 US dollars. And Nokia sold many kinds of phones and Apple only sold iPhone at the same time.

So iPhone is the most profitable phone now. Even the phones of HTC and RIM aren’t at the same level. But the CEO of Nokia said that their worst enemy is smart phone with Android OS.

Now many people call Nokia as Uncle Nokia on the net. It shows that Nokia lacks of innovation and follows the beaten path of conventionality. But still Nokia has the largest number of users. And it has announced cooperation with Microsoft. And Windows Phone 7 will become the main smart phone platform for Nokia. Whether Nokia can take surprise to us, only time tells.


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