The Chinese Internet Development Model: C2C

The first sight you see C2C you may think it means the customer to customer e-business. But here I want to talk about it’s another meaning: Copy to China. If you search this term on Google you will get 2240 million search results. And the first result is about its definition on Wikipedia.

We can use this term to describe the Chinese internet development model. Especially in the IT industry and internet industry no matter big companies or small businesses all copy the business models from America. The coping varies. Some companies copy the look and design of the websites. And some copy the business model.

And there are many examples of copying to China. After Google bought at a price of 1.5 billion dollars there was a video service sites rush in China. Many websites like were built such as and Even they had to invest a lot of time on the site without revenue. And when SNS such as became popular many sites like appeared in the Chinese internet industry such as, which now is planning its IPO in America. And it is the same situation when micro blog becomes hot. There is only one Twitter, but there are more than 10 websites in China that provide micro blog services.

And companies in China copy just when they see the websites in America has made a great achievement and profit. They tried to sell the websites or got listed in America. Also the series of Chinese dotcom IPOs in America arouse the debate of the new internet bubble. And even some columnist wrote that China was exporting the dotcom bubble.

Yes in the process of developing we should learn from others but just by copying we have no future. Can the Chinese internet and IT industries change the “Copying to China” model to more innovation?


2 thoughts on “The Chinese Internet Development Model: C2C

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