Nokia May Plan to Regain the Power by Counting on the Chinese Market

On 27 April Nokia announced it would enlarge the research group located in Beijing China. And it also decided that Beijing would become the main research base of S30 and S40, which will help Nokia to carry out of the development strategy of providing equipment for the next one billion people to be able to access the Internet. At the same time Beijing will become the main base for developing phones with Windows Phone 7 OS for Chinese and global customers.

In the rapidly changing phone market those decisions are significant.

In the process of 2G to 3G Nokia reacted slowly and didn’t keep abreast of the times. And now it has been surpassed by Apple. However Nokia realized that it must achieve something in the Chinese market, or else it would have no chances to regain the market power. And there are many reasons for Nokia to attach the importance on the Chinese market.

Chinese customers have deep feelings for the Nokia brands. For the most of the ordinary cell phone customers Nokia produces the best phones and it has the strongest brand. Compared to other producers Nokia has a great advantage in Chinese market.

At present China has almost 9000 million people who have cell phone and China has just crossed the threshold of 3G. In the coming three years about 5000 million people would change their phones to the smart phones. Chinese market takes an important role in the Nokia developing strategy.

In China the era of 3G has just begun and we aren’t sure who would win the final battle.


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