Internet Explorer 6: The Greatest Web Browser Ever

In the past ten years the Internet has experienced great changes. And your computer screen also may have experienced great changes. But there may be one thing that is the same as ten years ago. Yes it is the icon of Internet Explorer 6, the small e on your desktop. Now Internet Explorer 6 has been out of date and it faces many challengers: Firefox, Safari and Chrome. And even its creator Microsoft has abandoned it and is trying to throw it into the waste bin. But we can’t deny that it has been the greatest web browser ever and now there are still many users who insist on it.

As a Chinese net citizen I know how the Internet Explorer 6 is popular now among the users. Almost all the net cafés in China are still using the pirate Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6. And those net cafés have more than tens of millions of computers. From this you can get the idea of how popular the Internet Explorer 6 is in China and this statistic doesn’t include the computers in the homes and companies.

Even Bill Gates would never imagine the situation in China. People like to use the pirate software. Even the people who have copyrighted software like to use pirate Windows, because the pirate Windows are convenient to stall and only takes a few minutes to set up. We can contribute this situation to the product of Norton Ghost. By this tool it is very easy to produce pirated software.

It is time to let the Internet Explorer 6 down the stage. But I am sure that it still will exist a long time in the Chinese market.


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