The Market Share of the Operating Systems in China

Baidu Tongji ( recently published the statistics of the market share of the operating system in China of April. The statistics showed that the main operating systems that are popular in China include: Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Microsoft Windows operating systems take up the largest market share, about 99.31 percent. And there is no real rival for dominance of the Windows XP in the Chinese market. The statistics showed that Windows XP takes up 86.38 percent of the market. The Windows 7 with good reputation has taken up about 10.78 percent of the operating system market. But Windows 7 is not qualified to take the place of Windows XP in the Chinese market. Although the Mac OS has been steadily increasing, it only takes up 0.52 percent of the market.

The statistics also demonstrated that there is a large difference between Chinese market and the developed countries market over the computer operating system market.

And we can easily conclude from the statistics that the development of the IT industry in China is still behind the other countries, especially America. And the Chinese users care the cost more than the efficiency and safty. And on the other side the pirated software is very popular in China.


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