Chen Yizhou: Can Go beyond Facebook Completely

On May 4 went listed in American New York Stock Exchange successfully. Its stock code is RENN. And the initial opening price is 19.5 US dollars, 39 percent higher than IPO price. The CEO of was interviewed that day and said frankly that the process of going listed was frustrating. He also expressed that could go beyond Facebook over the products completely.

I agree with him that the process of going listed was frustrating. But I doubt that whether can go beyond Facebook completely. is thought as China’s Facebook. And in the Chinese internet industry many people know that copies most of the Facebook from the web site design to the business model. And often it is called Copy to China model. So it is completely incredible to say that can go beyond Facebook. Can a copycat ting go beyond the original? No!

Now there are many comments in China about Some ordinary net citizens criticized that it should be shameful for its copycatting Facebook. And other observer expressed their worries about the new round internet bubble. is just one dotcom companies in China who plan to go listed in America in May.


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