Drift bottle used in the email to make new friends

Tecent is one of the largest Internet companies in Mainland China, more popularly known as QQ. It provides almost all the kinds of internet services. And it is difficult to define the company appropriately because its business covers every aspect of the internet industry. But its most impressed product is the free instant messaging computer program. And the number of active users of QQ IM has reached 636.6 million as of September 30, 2010.

Tecent also provides email service. And I like this service very much.

Its UI style is  pithy and looks very fresh and cool. There is another reason I love this email service. I can make friends via the drift bottle. In the QQmail you can receive drift bottles from others and send drift bottles to strange people. And the most exciting thing is that you never know whose bottle you will receive and who will receive your bottle. You can write something in the bottle and others who receive the bottle can reply to you. Also if you two like each other you can be bottle friends and talk with each other via the drift bottle.

But there are limits on the number of drift bottles that you receive and send per day. And you can send many kinds of bottles such as bottles that ask questions, look for girl or boy friends or just express you anger. If somebody is interested in your topic they can reply to you.

I like this feature very much. And every day I would use up all my bottles. But I like Gmail more than QQmail, so I would feel excited if the drift bottle feature can be added to the Gmail.


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