Something about Micro Blog Promotion

Now people wish to know what are their friends doing and get the latest news from the micro blog. At least the positioning of Twitter is sharing what you are doing and the latest news that happen around you. But after this internet application was copied to China, the function of micro blog changed. It now has another function: influencing your minds and promoting services and goods.

Now there are special companies in China that focus on the micro blog promotion. According to some materials one Chinese company has 53 accounts of micro blogs, and each account has at least 200 thousand followers or fans (only used in China). And one account has as many as 2 million followers. The company divides those accounts into different ranks. Different rank has different price. That means that if you have a micro blog and you have about hundreds of thousand followers, you can earn about 150 US dollars if you send only one message on your micro blog. And the authenticate user can earn more. And this is a reason why the micro blog is so hot now.

And the micro blog promotion process is very simple. You send a message and all your followers can read it. And if you have a large number of followers you can promote goods and services to them.

Micro blog promotion is hot because of the advantages of it compared to other advertisement industry. And it has been a tendency that the micro blog promotion has been combined with group purchase. Even only 140 words are allowed in a message but it can be added with pictures and videos. Also it can be sent to a large number of people at the same time.

And whether the micro blog promotion has a healthy business model and where will it to go, we can’t tell now.


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