Chinese Internet Industry Should Wake Up from the NASDAQ Dreams Now

In the Chinese internet industry going listed is very popular now. And some people joked that there were two categories of internet companies: listed internet companies and companies that were in the process of listing.

Qihoo 360 is the first Chinese internet company that has gone listed in American market this year. And after Qihoo 360 there were a series of Chinese internet companies that have gone listed in America. And still there are many other internet companies that are preparing for the process of listing, about more than ten.

Is the present situation familiar? This has been the third listing enthusiasm in the Chinese internet developing history.

Ten years ago the first listing enthusiasm was lead by three main portal sites:, and And the term of China concept stock was created at that time. In 2000 the number of Chinese net citizens has just passed 10 million. This listing enthusiasm was completely stimulated by American internet enthusiasm. So when the 2000 internet bubble burst the Chinese internet industry was dragged to the winter.

And the second Chinese listing enthusiasm peak was the listing. On the first day of its IPO the share price increased by 353.85 percent, which surprised the Wall Street.

And in this new round listing enthusiasm some companies are forced by the capitalists. And some companies just want to satisfy a craving. They know after this enthusiasm or the dotcom bubble they would never have the chances. This is the last crazy before the bubble. And they just make the bubble lager.

Maybe the lowest NASDAQ indexes are waiting in front of us. And the colder winter for the high technology industry and internet industry comes nearer and nearer.


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