Microsoft Plans to Win Back the Lost Territory in Mobile Internet via the Acquisition of Skype

Before the Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype the media paid more attention on whether Google or Facebook would acquire the Skype. And Microsoft forestalled Google and Facebook to acquire Skype.

The coming of the mobile internet age makes the Skype more valuable. Skype is not only used on the computer but also it has supported the mobile devices now. As a developing tendency the telecom operators would move to the internet phone services, Wi-Fi and 3G video communication thoroughly in the future. And even more Skype is a social tool which has thousand millions of users. So in this point of view this is a good deal for Microsoft.

Maybe this acquisition is just the first step for Microsoft to win back the lost territory in mobile internet. At present in the field of mobile internet Google and Apple all have superiority in the terminals. The Android OS and the iPhone increase vigorously. Last year Microsoft also tried to release its Windows Phone 7 phones. But Windows Phone 7 hasn’t succeeded now. And before this many people predicted that Microsoft would acquire Nokia or RIM. Maybe after this acquisition Microsoft would think about acquiring one of those two companies in order to compete against Google and Apple.

It is clear that Microsoft is falling now. And this acquisition shows that Microsoft want to achieve something in the future and to move to the mobile internet field.


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