Android inside

In the first quarter of 2011 the production volume of cell phones with Android OS has exceeded that of with Symbian. The growing speed of Android is so fast. It is reported that Prince William and Kate have been in love for nine years. And only in this year they got married. And it also takes America nine years to arrest Bin Laden. But nine years ago there has been no Android.

Andy Rubin is the founder of Android. And in the 22nd month after its establishment Android was acquired by Google.

Andy Rubin has a bright record, from Carl Zeiss to Apple, to Microsoft and now to Google. He is a typical geek. In 2002 he lectured to Page and Brin in Stanford as the boss of Danger. And his topic was the internet mobile phone. And at that time the built in search of Danger is Google. It took only a couple weeks and an email to finish the acquisition after he finished the project of Android. After that we all know Android.

When Jobs criticized Android his former employee Andy Rubin stood firm and mocked the closed system of Apple. Andy Rubin isn’t fighting alone. There are Google, Motorola, Sony-Ericsson, Samsung and other mobile phone manufacturers. But Apple is alone. This is the difference between the Apple and Android.

The symbol of Android is a robot. Also the word Android means robot itself. If we summarize the development of the IT industry in the last 30 years as Intel inside, we can predict that the next 30 years we can call it the age of Android inside.


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