Milk may be not as good as we think.

The milk is pathogenic cold and too much milk can lead to depression and even suicide. The traditional Chinese medicine thinks that the milk is the part of blood. And some people even think that after placing the milk for a period of time the milk can become red. Human body would consume a lot of energies and yang-energy to digest the pathogenic cold milk. And the amount of yang-energy is fixed in human body. So when the yang-energy is consumed you would not be able to digest milk. So the cold would accelerate in your body, which can make you feel that the life isn’t fun. And the people may suffer from depression. Even more serious the people may commit suicide.

This is just the theory concluded from the Chinese traditional medicine. Maybe it is wrong. But one cup of milk per day in Japanese is very common. And it is clear that after the Japanese drink a lot of milk many Japanese people suffer from hay fever and more people commit suicide.

And in the view of modern medicine the milk is a carcinogenic substance. Growth factors of estrogen hormone, male hormone and insulin in the milk are the main carcinogenic substances. And drinking milk sometimes can’t supplement calcium. But milk may lead to calcium deficiency. And it is true that some people in some countries who never drink milk don’t lack of calcium. But more people suffer from calcium deficiency in countries where people drink much milk.

So someday we should change the habit of drinking milk or we just need a little milk.


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