Android Helps Chinese Phone Manufacturers to Compete With Apple and Nokia

On the aspect of product series Nokia has no high-end products that can fight against iPhone. And among the cell phone operating systems the Symbian has been exceeded by Android. The only thing for Nokia is the honor in the past days.

It is reported that the sales of cell phones with Android OS will exceed that of Apple. Although just like Android ios allows developers to develop applications, the Android is an open system. And many phone manufactures such as HTC and LG all try to win more market by releasing smart phones with Android OS. But Nokia don’t support Android all the time, which gives the Chinese manufactures an opportunity to fight against iPhone. After all more Chinese people can’t afford the prices of iPhone.

The tendency of smart phone is unstoppable. The diverse and big Chinese market also provides an opportunity for Chinese phone manufacturers. And the Chinese companies are more familiar with the Chinese people using habits. And now most of the phones in China are not smart phones. So the actual demands of smart phones in the near future years would be large.

iPhone is only popular among the upper society class in China. The opening Android system and the vast market provide an opportunity for all Chinese phone manufacturers.


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