Two famous Chinese blogs’ Google AdSense accounts disabled

Recently tow famous Chinese blog’s Google AdSense accounts were disabled, which has aroused a lot of debates among the Chinese blogs and net citizens. And after one of the bloggers reasoned with Google he has taken back his AdSense account.

Many net citizens feel disappointed that Google doesn’t give any reasons and explanations after disabling the accounts. Maybe Google has reasons on this. The work of anti-cheat for AdSense is complicated. And Google may feel worried if providing many details about the reasons why they disable accounts. More ways may be found to cheat on the AdSense if more people know the reasons.

And there are mainly two reasons that Google disables an account: spam clicks and clicks fraud. And we don’t know how Google to define those two fraud actions.

Although many bloggers can earn money from the platform of AdSense, it is especially difficult for Chinese bloggers to do this. Also maintaining an independent blog in China is a hard work and difficult. You have to spend a lot in the blog but you only get a little from your blog. Also you may have to take many risks in China to write a blog. So this Google AdSense accounts disabling incident has attracted much attention among the internet industry workers.

Those two Chinese blogs are:


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