Wal-Mart invests in the Chinese e-business industry

After the negotiation with 360buy.com was broken down, Wal-Mart with yihaodian.com held a press conference to announce that Wal-Mart would invest in the yihaodian.com, which is one of the famous Chinese e-business sites. And observers analyzed that Wal-Mart has the ambitious to become the majority shareholder of yihaodian.com and take control of it completely.

Yihaodian.com is called the online War-Mart by the industry. Although yihaodian.com has been established for only three years, now it can provide more than 70 thousand categories of commodities. A high level leader at the Wal-Mart said that Wal-Mart would go on involving in the e-business field and become the leading multi-channel retailer around the world.

Many observers said that behind the cooperation Wal-Mart has great ambitions. Before the cooperation Wal-Mart has been negotiated with 360buy.com for about half year. And Wal-Mart was refused by 360buy.com when it wanted to become the majority shareholder of 360buy.com. And maybe it still wants to achieve the same goal after the cooperation.

In fact many people think that this cooperation is beneficial to both Wal-Mart and yihaodian.com, especially to yihaodian.com. When the revenue and commodity categories reach a large number, the supply chain management would become very complex. And the Wal-Mart has a lot of experience on the supply chain management.

And there is another possibility in this cooperation. It is reported that Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China takes up 80 percent of the shares of yihaodian.com, a large Chinese state-owned finance company. And Wal-Mart just fancies this point.


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