Opening Platform and Opening Source Can Lead to Monopoly

The emerging of opening platforms means the thorough termination of the early internet spirits. And this situation can lead to monopoly. And the future competition will be on these two aspects: giants’ competition on the platforms and small companies’ competition on the applications developing. The early equal games of the internet will be ended. And the structure of the internet will become the typical pyramid structure.

It is not the company’s fault to gain the monopoly position by the technology power or its popularity. And it is the company’s fault only when the company tries to prevent the competitor by this monopoly position. The typical example is that Microsoft defeat Netscape with the help of its monopoly position of the operating system.

And little people have noticed that Windows can be called the earliest opening platform. Everyone can develop the free or charged software that is based on the Windows system. And even Microsoft provides help for the software developers. And just this opening platform makes the monopoly position of Windows operating system more solid. History repeats itself. In the era of search and SNS Google and Facebook take the role of Microsoft.

We can conclude that the platform competition would be very fierce in the future. Opening can be combined with monopoly. And opening platform and opening source can lead to monopoly.


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