When Group Purchase Meets Micro Blog

It would be a wonderful occasion when group purchase meets micro blog. These days everyone may feel blankly. Why? Everybody is on the twitter and the micro blog will take a role in every individual, each company and all aspects of the whole global.

We may always feel blankly when facing the new merging things such as micro blog and group purchase. And I think the micro blog is an internet application with the lowest threshold. Everyone can use it and everyone can only write only a few words. And even if you don’t have anything to say, it is a pleasure just to retweet other people’s words.

In the ancient days the people often call the unknown rivers as dragons. And at the moment there are dragons everywhere. It means there are opportunities everywhere. Of course with opportunities there are many challenges.

Micro blog has become the most popular media, platform and application. There are now many stories and cases that happened on micro blog.

Why is the micro blog so popular? In a nutshell compared to the old media it has been simplified furthermore since the traditional publishing age and the age of web 2.0. And some survey showed that it only takes 30 seconds to twitter a message. And I think in fact it doesn’t take that time.

The second reason is the spread of virus based on the trust chain. For example if I followed a people I know and generally speaking I would trust what he had twitted on the micro blog. And I would not trust the twitters wrote by strange persons. So the micro blog has a mechanism of filtering that is based on the trust chain. Long ago we might choose what to read by ourselves and in the age of media it was the editor who determined what the readers would read. And in the age of micro blog you know everybody. And based on the trust chain the spread is fast.

The third reason is that the micro blog has satisfied many kinds of basic needs of users at all levels, for example the demands of being respected, the needs of social activities, the needs of safety and even the needs of physiology. The simplest demand is that people like to be followed. Compared with the early internet applications and even the TV, radio, blog, BBS, SNS the cost of generating contents is becoming lower and lower. But the degree and socialization becomes higher and higher. And micro blog has become a platform rather than just simple SNS site.

After the popularity of twitter it is the group purchase services. The earliest group purchase sites started in the March of 2010 and now there are about 3000 to 4000 group purchase sites. Although the future of this new business model is hopeful, there are many challenges for the small sites. It has been a tendency for the group purchase services to be combined with micro blogs. And the biggest group purchase site in China has announced that they would not advertise on the search engine in the future, which arouses a debate that whether the search engine is important to e-business. And all of people agreed that there would be a kind of e-business model that can be very powerful. That is e-business based on the socialization. And the group purchase is just that kind of e-business.

A conclusion from a site that focuses on the group purchase sites guide and analysis is that 30 percent of the group purchase revenue is from the micro blog marketing.

What the micro blog means to the group purchase? First, the micro blog marketing is faster than the traditional advertisement. And it doesn’t have to be approved like the advertisement. And the time is critical for the group purchase sites. One twitter message may seem very simple but it can contain many things such as pictures, texts and videos. And the messages on the micro blog platform can be sent and spread very fast. The same message can be sent to millions of people just only in few seconds. And now many people are focusing on the micro blog marketing.

Darwin has written that the species that can survive in the changing environment are not the strongest and the smartest but are the species that can act and adapt quickly facing the changes. Dinosaurs were strong but they are extinct. It is the same in the micro blog age.


4 thoughts on “When Group Purchase Meets Micro Blog

  1. If I may, please consider the following.
    In the nowadays, … —> At the moment… or These days…
    And even you don’t have something to say… —> And even if you don’t have anything to say …
    In the ancient people … —> In the ancient days people …
    Why the microblog is so popular? —> Why is the microblog so popular?
    … virus spread… —> … spread of virus…
    For example, I would follow people I know and, generally speaking, I would trust what they had twitted on their microblogs.
    please do not put gender differences when speaking in general, by avoiding use of words like "he" or "she".
    … the speed of spread is fast. —> … the spread is fast.
    "fast" gives the required sense of speed.
    And a conclusion… —> A conclusion…
    First the microblog marketing is fast than… —> First, microblog marketing is faster than …
    One twitter seems very simple… —> One twitter message may seem very simple…
    Dinosaurs are stronger… —> Dinosaurs were strong …
    It is the same reason … —> It is the same …

    • They are all very useful. I have learned a lot from those suggestions. I really appreciate you took much time in reading and correcting my post.


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