Will Release Online Service like Quora, Chinese largest search engine and internet company, will release online service like has been thought as the most popular application after Twitter. It is not the newest site about asking questions and providing answers online. The reason of its popularity is that it rewrites the standards of those sites with the new technology and innovations. It has borrowed ideas from many other different websites such as Twitter, Wikipedia and

In 2011, a Chinese online site almost the same as Quora, copied the model of Quora and brought the online social networking asking and answering service to China. There are many other sites that provide the similar services like in China. Being different from other online applications those sites haven’t find a business model to make profits. And now many internet giants in China may also want to get involved in this new field such as has already been operating a site that provides service like Yahoo Answers, which is very successful in China. Its plan would encourage other Chinese internet giants to get involved in this new online field, which would threaten other similar sites.

We users always want to get the accurate answers from the internet. We also hope those sites would provide more professional answers. Until now it is uncertain that which business model is suitable for those sites and where those sites can go forward. Maybe only times can tell.


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