Just Getting Back to Paper

Once upon a time, the paper was primarily used for the people to express their ideas. The children fold the paper to any shape in their mind. The writer record their thoughts and great ideas. Painters use the paper to illustrate their inside emotions. With the development of the electronic technologies, digital cameras, 3D and other technologies, now we seldom use the paper to express our inside world. Even we want to read a book, the first thing we think in mind is that we download the e-books from the net or read the book on Kindle. We enjoy 3D movies; we take pictures by cameras and almost do everything on our PCs.

However, I still like to carry a small notebook about with me. I enjoy the feeling of writing on paper. In sometimes, I recall my childhood times and may fold a paper plane or ship. In addition, I like to brainstorm the ideas on the paper than on the Mind manager on PC.

Paper can be more than just paper. Paper folding can be perfect and creative. Paper is flexible and can be changed into many forms, which can be called as paper art. In addition, I like to enjoy the wonderful paper cutting, folding and other paper forms created by talented people.


My zhaoogle.wordpress.com’s PageRank Has Reached 0

Yesterday, Google PageRank data has been updated. My site, zhaoogle.wordpress.com, has reached 0. Although it is 0, I feel pleased.

The next time Google PageRank updates, I hope my site’s PageRank would reach 1. Come on!

Delicious Traditional Chinese Foods in Changchun

Chinese food culture is well known around the world and has a long history. Here I would like to introduce some delicious traditional Chinese foods in Changchun.

Changchun is the provincial capital of Jilin in northeast of China, which is called as the oriental Detroit and oriental Hollywood.

The Huibaozhen dumpling

Huibaozhen dumpling is the Hui nation featured food with Islamic flavor, which has a history of 70 years. The dumpling wrapper is very thin and the filling for dumplings is large. The taste of the Huibaozhen dumplings soup tastes especially fresh. It is said that there are only two most authentic Huibaozhen dumplings restaurants in Changchun. You must not miss it the next time you went to Changchun.


The name of this kind food is strange. I also don’t know how to express it in English. We can get from the above picture that the wheaten food and the vegetables or the meat can be cooked at the same pot at the same time. We can say that it is cooked once for all. This set of foods can be served as a whole. It also can be seen the featured foods in the cold northeast China region. Almost all the restaurants in Changchun serve this food. You can play and eat this Yiguochu at the same time.

Bean paste with snow cover

As a Chinese who likes to learn English, I must admit that the name of Chinese dishes is very poetic. Even the most common dish can own the most poetic name. Just like this dish, translated literally, it is just white sweet and bean paste. Its Chinese name is poetic. However, after translated into English, its poetic meaning loses. No matter what names it has, just enjoy it now.

Eastern large flat cake with smoked meat

Changchun is featured with its smoked meat, which is made from the high quality fresh pork. First, the pork is boiled with dozens of medicinal herbs and then the pork will be smoked. Without you trying it by yourself, you will never imagine the taste of this smoked meat. In addition, the large flat cake is made by specific ways. Even you don’t visit sight spots in Changchun, you should not miss this food.

The precious feast of Mt. Long White

Changchun is close to the Mt. Long White, where there are countless natural treasures such as ginseng, antler velvet, bear paw, mushrooms and so on. The precious feast of Mt. Long White can’t be seen as a single dish, it can be divided into six big dishes. All of those dishes are made from the wild animals or plants in Mt. Long White.

Something about the Alipay Ownership Transfer

Shu-Li Hu wrote in her article that Jack Ma violated the spirit of the contract. However, the spirit of the contract is established on the foundation of the rules. In addition, Jack Ma hasn’t broken the rules, but he just broken the unreasonable unspoken rules. Then problems come up.

Recently, the disputes about the ownership transfer have gone beyond the internet industry and the area of venture industry and became a public topic. Many bloggers, presses and even individuals expressed their opinions. All the people think that they have found the truth, but the truth is different in different people’s eyes. This simple and obvious equity stake dispute has become the confusing Rashomon. In the view of Jack Ma, the ownership transfer of Alipay was one hundred percent legal and was consistent with the interests of the majority shareholders. However, the largest two shareholders Yahoo and Softbank held the opposite opinion. In addition, in the eye of the media person Shu-Li Hu, Jack Ma has violated the principle of contract. A large company’s CEO wrote on his micro blog that Jack Ma was a patriot. Some net citizens said that Jack Ma was a thief. However, other citizens said that he was a hero.

This dispute has become so complex. It seems that everyone’s opinion sounds sense. Indeed, there are some more complicated truths about this issue. The policies, laws, rules, hidden rules, contract principles, individual factors, the historical factors and so on are all get involved in this issue. It may be not significant to tell the truth. The road of the Alibaba Group and Alipay in the future is more important.

Jack Ma Just Need Some More Time

Recently, the controversy over the ownership shift of the Alipay is drastic. Jack Ma, the CEO of the Alibaba Group, is snow standing under the spotlight. Some people criticized that he violated the contract spirit and the market principles. Some other people expressed their support for Jack Ma’s action in shifting the ownership of the Alipay. They think that that was the only right choice for Jack Ma to do that.

When I am in universities, I have read something about Rousseau’s contract theory. Since the contract theory was born, we humankind began to understand to compromise and sign the contract, which could prevent the war and has become the foundation of the values of market economy and freedom. In reality, the contract theory could not stop the First and the Second World War. Even in nowadays, there are wars and combat between countries and companies.

The theory is often perfect and seems right in any situation. However, it can’t solve all the problems. The reality is complex. We can say that contract theory would always be a kind of sprit but not the specific action standard. We can learn from this theory, but we can’t use it as the law to criticize or judge other people.

When the people criticized Jack Ma with the spirit of contract, they seem right all the time. In fact, we can’t judge Jack Ma with the spirit of contract, he just need to solve the practical problem.

No matter you are against or for Jack Ma, he just needs some more time.

The Opportunity of Bypassing the Telecoms Only Comes out by Accident

In the field of communication, not just in China but also in all other countries, telecom operators are mountains that span in the industries such as the internet, phones and communication. Because of the policies and historical factors, telecom operators are in control of the resources of spectrum and line, which are the most valuable resources. Regardless of how other companies are stronger, they must take those channels of spectrum and lines. The telecom operators now are worrying that they would only become the providers of the pipeline for other industries. However, other businesses are trying their best to get rid of the telecom operators. Therefore, bypassing the telecom companies may be the best choice.

Recent actions of Apple are large. With its powerful hardware designing ability and the innovations in customer experience, Apple is using its own brand gravitational force to get rid of the telecom companies and trying to do their own things, just the same as Google has done before.

When Google launched its own brand mobile phone, with built-in networking communication system, it tried to use its own channels of networking for communication. We can see this exploration as the attempt to get rid of the telecom companies thoroughly. Because of the boycotts from all aspects, Google’s attempt has failed. Other various agencies and companies have also made a variety of explorations, which all have been nipped in the bud.

Apple’s influence and power in recent years are increasing. In addition, the consumers are becoming crazier with Apple products and App Store, which also gives Jobs the confidence. Nevertheless, from the view of enterprise development, the model of cooperation with operators can make many profits, but it still amounts to standing on the shoulders of giants. If Apple wants to stand on the higher step, it must build its own communication infrastructure.

However, on the other way, no matter domestic or foreign telecommunications operators, they are inextricably linked with the government. This cake is not only a part of state control; it is also related to the fundamental interests of each government. After all, each government would not easily let this important infrastructure go freely, unless the technology or society has fundamental changes, or the whole society requires a fundamental revolution of interests.

However, operators also need to feel the pressure. Maybe a Google is not so terrible, an Apple is not terrible, but the most horrible thing is that the accumulation of these forces in the long time, which would become disaster for the telecom companies.