Something about Google +1

Recently Google released the +1 button for the third part sites. This button emulates the like button of Facebook. Those two buttons are all codes that can be imbedded into your any site page. And the aim is to encourage the users to take part in the online social activities, which can increase the traffic of sites.

In the end of March Google released Google +1, which has been thought as the symbol of Google’s try to make its search results more socialization.

The traditional internet search is just the man-computer exchange. The users type what they want to know in the search box and the servers return them with the search results. Although most of people believe that the search engine such as Google must have take the factors of socialization and people into consideration, the ordinary users don’t know what those factors have affected the search results. The search results must be affected by the times of being dug on, twittered on Twitter and liked on Facebook. But we users can’t affect this process. With Google +1 button we now can influence the results of search engine. When you search something such as foods and news, you can see the +1ed search results by your friends. Those +1ed search results would take precedence of the fault search results, which can also affected the search results shown by the servers and algorithm. Personal factors now become one portion of algorithm that can affect the search result.

Now we can’t tell how Google process the factor of +1 based on the friends relationship. We only know that the Google Profile would be taken into consideration. That means that you need to have a Google account to use Google +1. But the Google users are not closely related like on Facebook or Twitter, many people would not like to use the Google +1. That may be the largest disadvantage of Google +1.

Many people have thought that the Google +1 was just the castles in the air; because the Google +1 appears in the search results and the users could not decide whether to +1 it or not before looking into the results. And many people would not like to return to the search results after looking into the page. And now the Google +1 button can cover that shortage. Site owner can put that button on any place of the page and the users can click it expediently if they like the page.

There may be no differences among the Google +1, Facebook like button and Twitter. They all make the users to vote on the page content. And they would be put together on the site by its owner quickly. The Facebook Like button and Twitter emphasize on sharing to the friends, and the Google +1 button would affect the search results finally, which are based on the search algorithm.

Google hasn’t been working well in the field of socialization, such as Google Buzz. But with Google +1, you may at least want to check the +1ed search results by your friends.


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