Blogging Has No Business Model but Has Business Value

In 2008 there was an article written that blog had been out of date. And at that time I thought that blog had not been out of date, but the blog service provider had been out of date truly.

It is a pity that at least on the business capital level blog service provider has been out of date as a concept. When the capital has no interests on the blogging, blog can’t be called a business model. In other words blog has not found business model. But it is interesting that blog itself has become the important support for other business models.

According to the page view of the three main Chinese portal sites, the page view of blogs takes a large portion. So we can conclude that although blog has no business model, it has important business value.

Just like micro blog, I think it has no business model. And the revenue from advertisements on the micro blog would be less than the cost of the whole team. In the future micro blog would become an important port for page view.

OpenID is a good service, but it can’t make any money. After the popularity of Facebook and Twitter many sites allow the users to log in with their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

So some free service such as free email and free blogging service may not be able to make any business profit, but it is important or even vital to other business model.


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