The Largest Enemy of Nokia Is Itself

Nokia CEO said in a meeting that the industry of cell phone has changed rapidly and the systems and platforms have become the concentration in competition. In addition, he expressed that the largest rival companies of Nokia were Apple and Google.

Yes, Apple and Google are the strongest competitors of Nokia, but I think the largest enemy of Nokia is itself.

Nokia has lost the opportunity of mobile internet and online applications. Now it is still follow the beaten track and just want to be the largest cell phone manufacturer. Steve Jobs has moved the whole internet onto the platform of smart phone. In addition, Steve Jobs and his iPhone make the telecom companies more and more marginalized. Costumers would not pay much attention on the basic services provided by telecoms. What they care about now are the products that can provide convenient access to the internet anywhere and countless applications. It is the same as the Android, which is just an operating system and platform. However, now only Android can compete against iPhone.

Now I only want to see Nokia as a manufacturer of cell phones. It can’t understand the power of the internet and opening platforms. It doesn’t wish to shift to the opening Android system. Only death awaits Nokia ahead.


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