Jack Ma Just Need Some More Time

Recently, the controversy over the ownership shift of the Alipay is drastic. Jack Ma, the CEO of the Alibaba Group, is snow standing under the spotlight. Some people criticized that he violated the contract spirit and the market principles. Some other people expressed their support for Jack Ma’s action in shifting the ownership of the Alipay. They think that that was the only right choice for Jack Ma to do that.

When I am in universities, I have read something about Rousseau’s contract theory. Since the contract theory was born, we humankind began to understand to compromise and sign the contract, which could prevent the war and has become the foundation of the values of market economy and freedom. In reality, the contract theory could not stop the First and the Second World War. Even in nowadays, there are wars and combat between countries and companies.

The theory is often perfect and seems right in any situation. However, it can’t solve all the problems. The reality is complex. We can say that contract theory would always be a kind of sprit but not the specific action standard. We can learn from this theory, but we can’t use it as the law to criticize or judge other people.

When the people criticized Jack Ma with the spirit of contract, they seem right all the time. In fact, we can’t judge Jack Ma with the spirit of contract, he just need to solve the practical problem.

No matter you are against or for Jack Ma, he just needs some more time.


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