Just Getting Back to Paper

Once upon a time, the paper was primarily used for the people to express their ideas. The children fold the paper to any shape in their mind. The writer record their thoughts and great ideas. Painters use the paper to illustrate their inside emotions. With the development of the electronic technologies, digital cameras, 3D and other technologies, now we seldom use the paper to express our inside world. Even we want to read a book, the first thing we think in mind is that we download the e-books from the net or read the book on Kindle. We enjoy 3D movies; we take pictures by cameras and almost do everything on our PCs.

However, I still like to carry a small notebook about with me. I enjoy the feeling of writing on paper. In sometimes, I recall my childhood times and may fold a paper plane or ship. In addition, I like to brainstorm the ideas on the paper than on the Mind manager on PC.

Paper can be more than just paper. Paper folding can be perfect and creative. Paper is flexible and can be changed into many forms, which can be called as paper art. In addition, I like to enjoy the wonderful paper cutting, folding and other paper forms created by talented people.


3 thoughts on “Just Getting Back to Paper

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