Traditional Xi’an Food: Chinese Hamburger

When I try to translate the name of a traditional Chinese food into its English name, I would feel relaxed if there is similar food in foreign countries. I just need to add the word Chinese in front of the food’s English name, just like Chinese hamburger. If translated literally, Chinese hamburger is marinated meat in baked bun.

When I plan to introduce Chinese hamburger, I feel fortunate that there is hamburger in foreign countries that is similar to this traditional Chinese food. I don’t have to rack my brains to give it a simple and suitable English name.

You can get what Chinese hamburger is just from its picture. It is very easy to make this food. People from foreign countries may think that it is just the simplified edition of the hamburger.

There are two features about Chinese hamburger. One is that the outside baked bun is so crispy. However, the meat in the middle of the bun is soooo soft and easy to chew. In order to know what it really tastes like, you may need to eat one by yourself.

I often see foreign people eating the Chinese hamburger around my living places. Therefore, there may be little difference between hamburger and traditional Chinese hamburger. Next time you come to China, you should taste the Chinese hamburger.


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