The Noodles in Xi’an

A fun Chinese sculpture that a person is eating noodle

According to incompletely figures, there are more than 50 kinds of noodles in Shaanxi province. In addition, Shaanxi people like eating noodle very much. There are more noodle restaurants on the Xi’an streets than other restaurants, the provincial city of Shaanxi province.

With the long history and rich culture of Xi’an, every kind of noodle is endowed with deep culture. Some kinds of noodles may have a history as long as thousands of years.

The spinach noodle with stewed meat

Every kind of noodle has its own features, just like the spinach noodle with stewed meat. When making the dough, people would add the spinach leaf into the flour. In addition, the noodle would look green after cooked. This kind of noodle contains the vitamin and leaf green that other noodles don’t contain.

Noodle spilled with boiling oil

When you enjoy the countless number of noodles in Xi’an, you also can watch the process of making noodles. I assure you that you would like it. It is very interesting and just like art, just like the making process of the noodle spilled with boiling oil. The most fun part of making this kind of noodle is the last step. When the noodle is prepared and the seasonings are added, the chef would pour a large spoon of boiling oil on the surface of the noodle. Then the noodle is finished, very fun to see the process.


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