I use Google+ in China

F*ck! Google+ is blocked in China.

I am a heavy user of all Google products. After Google+ was released, I could not wait for experiencing it. However, I could not get an invitation. One day, a completely strange guy shared a message from his Google+ to my Gmail and I got the chance of experiencing Google+ by accident. I guess he/she just typed the wrong email address and I appreciate his/her mistake very much.

After a few days Google+ was released, it was blocked to visit in China for some self-evident reasons. We can only have access to Google+ through modifying hosts or via VPN.

Google+ is so hot in China now. On the portal sites, blogs and other social network sites, all the news about Google+ is discussed widely.

Many famous Chinese bloggers attributed the failure of Google Wave and Google Buzz to the lack of social gene within Google and think that Google has put too much attention on the technology.

I only use Google+ for a few days and I have used almost all the social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. As of now, I get the best experience from Google+. I want to call it a revolutionary product of Google. In addition, Google+ is completely different from Twitter and Facebook. I like the circles and hangout in Google+. The sharing becomes easier than in Twitter. The UI of Google+ is cool and fresh.

As a ordinary user, I don’t care what technology Google has employed and all things about professional analysis. I just care that whether the product is easy to have access to and can satisfy my needs.


2 thoughts on “I use Google+ in China

  1. I couldn’t get an invitation either, but submitted my e-mail address for notification. Can’t wait to know how it feels, not a heavy user of Google products like yourself though, but I am into social networking.

    • I can send an invitation to you, you can send an email to lsh.zhao@qq.com.

      Google+ is completely different from Facebook and Twitter. You can circle thousands of people at one time and create different circles that you like.

      I have sent an invitation to nikaulu******@*mail.com, is this your email?

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