French Handmade Candle: Cire Trudon

candle in the corner

When igniting a candle, it seems that the whole world is full of light. In addition, we often say that candles ignite the hope. In modern society, candles are made with different colors, models and types. Candle is no longer the ancient tool to light; however, it is the mix of light and shadow. Candle in the corner can add a special emotional appeal to our life.

Cire Trudon candles

Among all the candles around the world, the most famous and unique must be the Cire Trudon. Each Cire Trudon candle carries its own memory of French history, which brings us with a noble and classic journey to the past.

With time going on, Cire Trudon becomes the symbol of the noble taste of the royalty. At the same time, it becomes the perfecto retrato of French history.

Cire Trudon was founded in 1643, which is the oldest brand of handmade candles. From the year of 1719, Cire Trude began to supply the candles to the important ceremonies of churches and to the royalty.

It is reported that the materials of Cire Trudon candles are all natural plants such as rice, palm oil and so on, which can lasts more than 70 hours and are completely healthy to human

Beautiful candles with various colors


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