Chinese Knot: Profile of Chinese Ancient Civilization

Chinese knot (pic from

Chinese knot with its affection meanings and wisdom is just the profile of ancient civilization of China. As ornaments nowadays, current Chinese knot evolves from the sewing and tying knots in Paleolithic Age and etiquette and keeping records in Han Dynasty. People in Zhou Dynasty often wore the jade decorated by Chinese knot. In addition, bronze wares in the period of the Warring States have patters of Chinese knot on their surface. Until Qing Dynasty, Chinese knots truly became folk art. In modern times, Chinese knots are usually used as interior decoration, presents and wearing ornaments. Due to symmetric and delicate outline, being representative of the long history of Chinese nation and its conformity to customs of traditional Chinese ornaments and aesthetic perception, Chinese knot is named after Chinese.

Chinese knot is a kind of cultural knowledge with its affection meanings and wisdom. In addition, it is multiplying metaphor of humankind. Moreover, Chinese knot is the presentation of mysteries of mathematics. Although its complicated and graceful curve, Chinese knot can be reverted to two single lines. It was the basic tool of keeping records for the people in the beginning of humankind history.

Just from Chinese knot, we could have a clear feeling of the long Chinese history.


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