How Long Can Paper and Cursive Last?

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I think something after seeing the news that schools in Indiana can stop teaching cursive. I think that one day typing would replace handwriting even the benefits of handwriting to children and even adults. You can recall how many words you have written in the past week. In addition, paperless is a tendency in a world full of touch screens and advocating environmental protection. In a near future, we may say goodbye to the paper and handwriting.

Nowadays, the only occasion, where we have to write with pen, may be writing our names on the contracts or forms. The keyboard and software on the computer can completely replace the usage of pen now. I can remember that I did not write even a word with pen, however, I finished all my work with keyboard and facing the screen. It is true that we humankind write less and less and pens would become items on display in the future museum.

Being a basic skill of humankind for thousands of years, handwriting is challenged by typing only in the past a few decades. In the future, the fingerprints can replace our names and even we do not have to write our names.


I have written a post named Just Getting Back to Paper, in which I expressed my favor of writing on paper. However, when we humankind look at the paper and handwriting from only a hundred years later, it may just like we look back two hundred year ago when we used the steam to power the train. Although paper and handwriting cannot be extinct in the near future, it is just a question of time.


2 thoughts on “How Long Can Paper and Cursive Last?

  1. it will last as long as people love it, and i for one am one of those. there is nothing easier than writing on a word programme, but nothing prettier than writing the old fashioned way!

    • I am totally agreed with you.

      nothing prettier than writing the old fashioned way!

      Although now I work mostly with computer, i still like writing in order to remember things. I also plan to learn painting in the future.

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