How to Avoid Unpleasant Things on the Bus, Train or Subway?

On the train

One day when I was surfing on the Yahoo Answers, I found a question by a 13-year-old child: How to stop creepy guys sitting near you on the train? All the people may have some similar unpleasant experience besides meeting creepy people on the bus, train or subway. However, if we need to take the train, we cannot avoid some unpleasant things. What we can do is to deal with unpleasant situations on the train in the right way.

As of this child’s question, many people give her different suggestions.

look tough, annoyed. carry a pocket knife!!! yu might need it! if a creeper gets closer to yu “accidentally” drop it so he sees it nd backs off. nd if they talk to yu or whatever dont talk back, just be like “whatever” DONT ACT SCARED OR EASY TO CAPTURE lol

I think you should ask your parents to arrange for you top use the bus. You seem to have the bizarre opinion that every adult male is “creepy”. You are going to have a very difficult adult life

Oh wow same thing happens to me, especially when its crowded, guy stands in front of me with his crotch in my face, and sits across of me and doesn’t stop staring like do I have a bug or dirt in my face, I just roll my eyes, I’m not friendly to creeps. I encounter a lot of weird subway riders everyday and all I do is ignore now that I’m so used to it. A bunch of teenagers filming and jumping all up and down the train, pole dancing etc, desperately trying to get everyone’s attention, sitting next to people and introducing themselves, jackasses. #eyerolls.

In addition, some suggestions make me LOL.

pick your nose, and give them the evil stare if they look at you.

Pfft, just make really ugly faces . I put my glasses on and go crosseyed …. nobody ever sits with me . 😀

If they sit by you, start picking your nose and rubbing it in the window. works everytime…

Oh that’s easy just be fat, Fat chicks are just plain off putting

Eat eggs for breakfast and fart on the train

It is surely unsuitable for such a little child to take the train alone. I advise that he should tell her parents his fears or take the bus or school bus instead. Good luck to that child.

Sometimes, when we encounter unpleasant people or things on the train, we just have to ignore them or move to a new seat or place. On the other side, bus, train and subway are public places, we should pay attention to our manners and don’t disturb other people. In addition, nice people always help the elderly, the children and the disable on the bus.

Besides, the unpleasant experience on the bus, we never know who and what we would encounter. Maybe we could encounter some interesting things on the bus, train or subway.


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