Houttuynia Cordata: One of Plants That You Would Hate or Love Imo Pectore the First Time You Eat It

H. cordata

Houttuynia cordata, or H. cordata, has a few Chinese names.

蕺菜: one of its traditional Chinese
岑草: H. cordata’s another traditional name recorded in an ancient Chinese historical book
折根草: one name that we cannot track its origin now
鱼腥草: the most common Chinese name of H. cordata; means fish smell grass translated literally, due to H. cordata’s smell of fish
猪鼻孔: means pig’s nostril, due to the shape of the H. cordata’s leaves

H. cordata has a queer taste. People either deeply fall in love with it or deeply hate it the first time they taste it. Many Chinese people may never have eaten H. cordata. However, they may take the H. cordata troche when they catch cold. In addition, H. cordata is widely used in making medicine and in traditional Chinese medicine. Besides its medical value, H. cordata is eaten by people in some places of China as a kind of vegetable.

H. cordata has a strong fishy smell. However, people in southwest area of China like to eat this weed and its root as everyday vegetable. To tell the truth, H. cordata tastes bad if not added other seasoning. Except the people in southwest China, people in other places of China would not eat H. cordata raw. People in other places would process H. cordata to remove its strange smell before eating it.

Until now, I still cannot understand why some people like the foods with strange smell, just like H. cordata. Maybe just different people have different tastes.


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