WordPress.com has a new look

The new navigation bar on WordPress.com

When I logged in WordPress.com today, I found the top navigation bar had a completely new appearance.

The navigation bar on the dashboard page

Compared with former top bar, I like the new bar very much, which is very clear and simple. In addition, the new navigation bar on WordPress.com looks like the Google+ top bar very much. What do you think?


Small Bulbous Cactus, Big Surprise


One and half year ago, I occasionally picked up a bulbous cactus, which was so small and no larger than half of a ping-pong ball. When I got home, I packed it in paper and conveniently put it aside. Then I totally forgot about it until two days later I saw it when tidying up a bit. I have never grown flowers or other plants. Therefore, I made a simple flowerpot by cutting a plastic bottle and filling it with soil and then planted this cactus.

At first, I doubted the viability of this cactus, which lately dispelled my suspicions and proved its doggedness. Although it didn’t grow large in a year, it gave me a so big surprise by blooming. I seldom see cactus that can bloom, never to mention a ping-pong-ball-sized cactus yet with so large flower, really a big surprise.

This life interlude reminds me of the lines in Forrest Gump, “Mama says life is a box of chocolate, you never know what you are gonna get”. “Miracles happen every day” if we are in love with life.

What If a Girl Asks You to Fix Her Computer?

Among Chinese netizens, there is a very popular topic: what if a girl asks you to fix her computer. Of course, “you” here means the male. In addition, a professional investigation report on this topic appears online. Just keep in heart that this so-called report is just for fun and if you have the similar experience in the future, you can follow this report and you may get a chance to experience some romantic stuffs. ^^

Okay, the “professional” report is as following.

Why girls ask unmarried guys to fix their computers?

According to a recent survey by our department, it is common for girls to ask guys to fix computers at their home and many guys also have the experience of helping girls with computer problems. This phenomenon often happens between unmarried girls and guys. We department conducted a monographic study on this phenomenon.

Research process
1) First, we should be clear about some questions

  • Why girls ask unmarried guys to fix their computers?
  • How the computer cannot work?
  • Would the guys try their best to fix the computer or pretend to be unable to solve the problem?
  • When to fix the computer, day or night?
  • Where to fix the computer, indoor or outdoor?

All these questions would lead to many uncertainties. Fixing computer itself has no “properties”. However, the motivation behind fixing computer is worth considering. Therefore, we guess boldly and make an assumption that girls in fact are creating opportunities to play up to the guys when they ask guys to fix their computers in most cases.

2) Guys may ignore some key points during the process of fixing computers
Most girls would only ask the guys whom they have a soft place in their hearts for to fix the computers and it has nothing to do with the guys’ ability of fixing computers. Therefore, guys never should doubt their charming.

Second, the girls would select a time when there is nobody in their place. Therefore, it is the best opportunity for guys to understand the motivation of the girls.

3) According to our survey, many guys are unaware of the connotation of fixing computers for girls. In order to show their professional skills, some guys even would solve the computer problems quickly. According to our survey, many guys are now regretting that they have fixed the computers too quickly for girls.

After the research we would like to provide some professional suggestions for guys in case you are invited to repair computers for girls. If you love a girl and are not sure whether they like you, you can follow the instructions as below when they happen to ask you to help them, including but not limited to fixing computers.

In order to know the attitude of girls, time is important. You can prepare for an empty or a broken CD disk. In addition, never begin to fix the computer in a rush and you can start some conversation with them. Even it is just a small problem, you should pretend that the computer has some large system problems and need to be installed. Now the broken CD disk can provide you with much time.

I just post for fun; you should keep this in mind when reading this post. There are no other vulgar meanings in this post. Only under the situation that you have crush on a girl and she happens to ask you to fix computer for her, you can follow the instructions in this post.

Twitter Released Its Chinese Edition

Front page of Chinese edition Twitter

Just like earlier speculations, micro blogging originator Twitter officially released both Simplified and Traditional Chinese Twitter editions today after it rolled out completely new user interface last month. Users now can select Simplified or Traditional Chinese in the settings. Besides Chinese edition of Twitter, Hindi, Filipino and Malay editions become available today and till now Twitter supports 17 languages in all.

You can choose the language of Chinese from setting

The task of translation was mainly taken by online volunteers. Many warmhearted Chinese netizens have taken part in the task of translating the interface, supportive pages, official apps and even legal text. At present, there are 290 thousand of voluntary translators in all around the world.

However, netizens of Mainland China could not access the Twitter, which is blocked by GFW and Chinese edition Twitter is released mainly for about 90 million people in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Chinese from overseas. In fact Chinese edition Twitter just means Chinese interface yet not means operating in Mainland China, just like Chinese edition Facebook. Twitter hopes to get more users of Chinese people outside Mainland China and then establish relationship with China domestic market. It is a strategy with low risk and cost for Twitter to release Chinese interface Twitter under the situation of being unable to enter Chinese market.

A Twitter official account to supports help for Chinese users

In addition, Twitter also opened an official Chinese account @twitter_chs to provide the latest news of Chinese edition Twitter and technical supports. Users can feedback opinions and suggestions via sending private messages to this account.

According to Wikipedia, the number of Twitter users has reached two thousand million till March this year.

Translated from here.

Paper Plane Carries My Happiest Childhood Memory

Paper plane can be dream of children

Paper plane can be dream of children

One day I typed paper plane into Google and found that the first result was about a Guinness World Record for time aloft for paper planes. The record’s holder is Ken Blackburn, who can make his paper plane stay in the air for 27.6 seconds. I think I can give it a shot to challenge this record. However, it may be a little difficult if you know that Ken Blackburn is an aeronautical engineer and has worked for Boeing.

At times, I would recall air planes I folded during my childhood. Being growing up in one small China rural village, I didn’t get many toys just like the children nowadays. The most expensive toy I once owned was a simple plastic gun my parents bought me from the open air market. However, it was the paper plane that gave me the happiest memory of childhood.

In my childhood, paper was still a luxury item for common villagers. After attending school, we children had textbooks and homework books. By making using of the old books and deserted paper, folding paper was very popular among us. I still remember how to fold boats, guns and planes now. Within these paper toys, paper planes provided us most of the fun for us children. After finishing folding the paper planes, we would compete with each other to find whose planes could fly the longest distance, which was very interesting and exciting. Till now, I still sometimes fold a paper plane and fly it in the room.

In a society filled with toys mass-produced by machine, I find that children easily become boring on one toy. I also think about why the plastic gun hasn’t given me the best memory of children. The answer may be that the DIYed toys are the best.