Paper Plane Carries My Happiest Childhood Memory

Paper plane can be dream of children

Paper plane can be dream of children

One day I typed paper plane into Google and found that the first result was about a Guinness World Record for time aloft for paper planes. The record’s holder is Ken Blackburn, who can make his paper plane stay in the air for 27.6 seconds. I think I can give it a shot to challenge this record. However, it may be a little difficult if you know that Ken Blackburn is an aeronautical engineer and has worked for Boeing.

At times, I would recall air planes I folded during my childhood. Being growing up in one small China rural village, I didn’t get many toys just like the children nowadays. The most expensive toy I once owned was a simple plastic gun my parents bought me from the open air market. However, it was the paper plane that gave me the happiest memory of childhood.

In my childhood, paper was still a luxury item for common villagers. After attending school, we children had textbooks and homework books. By making using of the old books and deserted paper, folding paper was very popular among us. I still remember how to fold boats, guns and planes now. Within these paper toys, paper planes provided us most of the fun for us children. After finishing folding the paper planes, we would compete with each other to find whose planes could fly the longest distance, which was very interesting and exciting. Till now, I still sometimes fold a paper plane and fly it in the room.

In a society filled with toys mass-produced by machine, I find that children easily become boring on one toy. I also think about why the plastic gun hasn’t given me the best memory of children. The answer may be that the DIYed toys are the best.


4 thoughts on “Paper Plane Carries My Happiest Childhood Memory

  1. Your observations are correct and give me an appreciation for what life must have been like growing up in a culture different than mine.

    The toys you make are the ones that have your heart in them.

  2. the simple life is much more memorable and enjoyable then the complicated life. when do we humans go back to the simple life? and how do we do it? I wish everyone would go back to the simple life. Put all energy and resources into food and shelter and travel, not war, not riches. then this life on earth will mean something to everyone in every country not separate from each other-not warring, not complicated not rich in money but rich in life.

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