Twitter Released Its Chinese Edition

Front page of Chinese edition Twitter

Just like earlier speculations, micro blogging originator Twitter officially released both Simplified and Traditional Chinese Twitter editions today after it rolled out completely new user interface last month. Users now can select Simplified or Traditional Chinese in the settings. Besides Chinese edition of Twitter, Hindi, Filipino and Malay editions become available today and till now Twitter supports 17 languages in all.

You can choose the language of Chinese from setting

The task of translation was mainly taken by online volunteers. Many warmhearted Chinese netizens have taken part in the task of translating the interface, supportive pages, official apps and even legal text. At present, there are 290 thousand of voluntary translators in all around the world.

However, netizens of Mainland China could not access the Twitter, which is blocked by GFW and Chinese edition Twitter is released mainly for about 90 million people in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Chinese from overseas. In fact Chinese edition Twitter just means Chinese interface yet not means operating in Mainland China, just like Chinese edition Facebook. Twitter hopes to get more users of Chinese people outside Mainland China and then establish relationship with China domestic market. It is a strategy with low risk and cost for Twitter to release Chinese interface Twitter under the situation of being unable to enter Chinese market.

A Twitter official account to supports help for Chinese users

In addition, Twitter also opened an official Chinese account @twitter_chs to provide the latest news of Chinese edition Twitter and technical supports. Users can feedback opinions and suggestions via sending private messages to this account.

According to Wikipedia, the number of Twitter users has reached two thousand million till March this year.

Translated from here.


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