What If a Girl Asks You to Fix Her Computer?

Among Chinese netizens, there is a very popular topic: what if a girl asks you to fix her computer. Of course, “you” here means the male. In addition, a professional investigation report on this topic appears online. Just keep in heart that this so-called report is just for fun and if you have the similar experience in the future, you can follow this report and you may get a chance to experience some romantic stuffs. ^^

Okay, the “professional” report is as following.

Why girls ask unmarried guys to fix their computers?

According to a recent survey by our department, it is common for girls to ask guys to fix computers at their home and many guys also have the experience of helping girls with computer problems. This phenomenon often happens between unmarried girls and guys. We department conducted a monographic study on this phenomenon.

Research process
1) First, we should be clear about some questions

  • Why girls ask unmarried guys to fix their computers?
  • How the computer cannot work?
  • Would the guys try their best to fix the computer or pretend to be unable to solve the problem?
  • When to fix the computer, day or night?
  • Where to fix the computer, indoor or outdoor?

All these questions would lead to many uncertainties. Fixing computer itself has no “properties”. However, the motivation behind fixing computer is worth considering. Therefore, we guess boldly and make an assumption that girls in fact are creating opportunities to play up to the guys when they ask guys to fix their computers in most cases.

2) Guys may ignore some key points during the process of fixing computers
Most girls would only ask the guys whom they have a soft place in their hearts for to fix the computers and it has nothing to do with the guys’ ability of fixing computers. Therefore, guys never should doubt their charming.

Second, the girls would select a time when there is nobody in their place. Therefore, it is the best opportunity for guys to understand the motivation of the girls.

3) According to our survey, many guys are unaware of the connotation of fixing computers for girls. In order to show their professional skills, some guys even would solve the computer problems quickly. According to our survey, many guys are now regretting that they have fixed the computers too quickly for girls.

After the research we would like to provide some professional suggestions for guys in case you are invited to repair computers for girls. If you love a girl and are not sure whether they like you, you can follow the instructions as below when they happen to ask you to help them, including but not limited to fixing computers.

In order to know the attitude of girls, time is important. You can prepare for an empty or a broken CD disk. In addition, never begin to fix the computer in a rush and you can start some conversation with them. Even it is just a small problem, you should pretend that the computer has some large system problems and need to be installed. Now the broken CD disk can provide you with much time.

I just post for fun; you should keep this in mind when reading this post. There are no other vulgar meanings in this post. Only under the situation that you have crush on a girl and she happens to ask you to fix computer for her, you can follow the instructions in this post.


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