Today in China, Oct. 31th

#0. To start with youth

Youth is useless when we own it. Only after we waste the youth and begin to cherish the memory of youth, it becomes priceless.

#1. “I love my country.”

Since childhood, people in China are educated to become patriots. Almost each child in school has written the compositions on the topic of “why I love my country”. The following is one diary by a schoolboy:

Dad and mom,
After school, my homework is to write a composition on the topic “I love my country”. Because you are working in the city, you may not know that our house has been torn down forcibly. However, I would be nice and don’t worry about me. In addition, I would finish my homework on time. Now, I am writing the composition on the ruins of our house.

PS: Land is not privately-owned in China but belongs to country. Chinese citizens only have the right of using the land. With the rapidly development of real estate industry and urbanization, many people’s houses have been torn down forcibly. Even worse, people can only own the house as a commodity for 70 years. It is still uncertain until now what would happen after 70 years. The point is that the land belongs to country and it can be taken back at any time.

#2. Air quality in Beijing

Recently, air quality in Beijing gets many people’s attention. One netizen wrote on his micro blog that he even could feel the toxic gas in the air. Ironically, the weather report said that the air in Beijing was good.

#3. Policemen tried to cover the truth of the car accident

In the afternoon of Oct. 29th, a police car killed 5 persons plus 2 persons injured. Accident happens each day. However, in this accident, the policeman (also the driver) violated the law and drove the police car drunk. Even worse, after the accident, police department tried to cover the truth, which led to the conflict. Angry people upset the police cars.

#4. Fun pic

Have you ever seen the Mermaid like ‘him’? Thailand people are very optimistic even in the flood.


At last, wish all of you a Happy Halloween.


Today in China, Oct. 29th

#1. A quick-witted driver cheated the death in the accident

In Zhejiang province, a car first crashed with a taxi and then a motor-tricycle loaded with steel rods, which punched through the car. However, it is fortunate that the car driver reacted quickly and threw himself out of the car in time.

#2. Spoiled Chinese little emperor

Due to Chinese family planning policy, each family only is allowed to have one baby. Therefore, the only child in the family is often called little emperor. However, many Chinese children are terribly spoiled. Just like the one in the pic. The boy started to pull his mother’s hair just because the mother refused his demand to by a toy. Even more, he got his fingers to his mother’s throat. Finally, the mother had to buy him a toy.

#3. On the way to school

Winter is coming, eighty-year-old girl, wearing an old pair of scandals and carrying her nephew on her back, is on her way to school. However, the little boy’s smile just makes me burst into tears.

#4. Colony events in China

Cars were upset in a recent colony event

In a quickly changing society, with many conflicts and contradictions, colony event happens in China from time and time. People lose their faith and money is the only thing that people care of.

#4. Fun pic


In Thainland, the separated lovers meet again when the flood waters subsided.

Today in China, Oct. 28th

#1. Good students were differentiated from others in a middle school

In China, examination result is the main standard to measure a student’s performance. The 24th Baotou Middle School gave the best fifty students (according to the examination scores) the different red school uniforms. However, these uniforms were provided by a real estate company and they were printed with the name of this company, just like a commercial advertisement.

#2. Chinese children football team VS. Russian: 0 to 15

In each Olympic Game, China won a lot of golden medals in many sports items with the exception of football game. Chinese National Football Team is laughed at and made fun of by the whole country. Each Chinese wonders why 11 good football players could not be chosen from 1.3 billion Chinese people. Maybe Chinese football falls behind from the children. A Russian children football team won the match by 15 goals to zero.

#3. In Beijing, Belgium Prince and Princess were visiting the Summer Palace

This news may be not worth reporting. However, I find the scenes in the pics were like that of in gangster movies, especially Chinese gangster movies. It is a fact in China that governors, officials and foreign politicians and celebrities all can enjoy these special treatments.

#4. Fun Pic

Stupidity happens when our mouths and hands act before our brains.

Thousands of Chinese Netizens Deeply Moved by the Little Girl

pic by Qi-xing Lu

On October 21st, a picture named Younger Brother Want to Sleep was widely spread on a Chinese twitter-similar site: Tecent Micro Blog. In less than one hour, this picture was shared for thousands of times. Many netizens wrote that they were so moved by the girl that they could not hold tears. In addition, many people tried to help this girl and his younger brother.

pic by Qi-xing Lu

The photographer of this picture is Qi-xing Lu and he said that these pictures were shot on July 29th at Friends Primary School in the west region of Hunan province. The sister hurried to pick her brother when he cried during the sleep while she was attending class. Lu added that the little two children’s parents were working in the city and their grandparents needed to work on the farm. Therefore, the task of taking care of younger brother was left to this little girl. The younger brother’s head is bigger than healthy children because of being undernourished.

pic by Qi-xing Lu

Teachers in this school said that this phenomenon was popular in this region and free lunch was expected for these children.

Although with the rapid economy development, inequality between rich and poor is still one big problem for China. People at the bottom of the society cannot enjoy the benefits of economy development.

Why me?

From time to time, a question has been coming across in my mind: what is the reason or significance for my existence. When this question appears, I have a strong wish to figure it out. I also think that my existence is strange sometimes.

I am a wordless person and introverted because of my inferiority complex. Therefore, I talk less with my friends, colleagues and even my family members. Most of the time, I just sit there quietly and listen to other people talking and I seldom express my thoughts. I am afraid of being laughed at and taking trouble to other people.

Just because of my personalities, in many situations, I find myself being ignored just like I am invisible. When I feel I am ignored, the strange question comes: what is the significance of my existence?

Although I react less with other people, I have a colorful inside world and I think more than others about me, people and the whole world. When I am immersed in my inside world, that question also could come across suddenly in my mind. Sometimes I believe that other people’s existence is just the natural thing, but why is there me on earth. In addition, I believe that I may be a miracle creation of gods.

Maybe you think that I am unreasonable and crazy to think about that question; however I still want to know why I can feel myself and the whole world. Where I come from on earth?

Why me? It may be a philosophy question or it would be clear when my life goes to the end. Before my life’s end, this question would be always with me, I think.

Why Chinese Sound Impolite When Speaking in English?

Chinglish is common in China

Chinese are well known for their Chinglish or Chenglish-an invented world that combines Chinese and English. Knowing little rules about sandhi is the largest problem of pronunciation for Chinese English speakers. However, all these are not the problems that matter mostly. Americans and other people whose native language is English often agree that Chinese sound impolite when speaking English. The fact is that Chinese are polite but not their ways of talking in English.

In a restaurant or a café, Chinese often order like: ‘I want to have a hamburger’ or ‘I want to have a coffee’, which is often seen as being impolite native English speakers. Of course, they would not correct Chinese people’s English directly. There are many similar examples such the one above. In addition, Chinese don’t know how to refuse other people in English euphemistically.

Some English speaking skills are sometimes difficult for Chinese to understand and master such as following:

  • People in US and European countries tend to use model verbs or model auxiliaries such as can, could, may and would more often, which make the manner of speaking sound more polite.
  • The subjunctive is often used. Chinese are less more likely to use the subjunctive forms such as would rather, would sooner and so on.
  • Please at the middle or end of sentences but not at the beginning. Chinese English speakers tend to put please at the beginning, which sound like giving orders.
  • Chinese are used to using declarative sentences, which give people the impressions of impoliteness and stiff. However, interrogative sentences and the usage of subordinate clauses can avoid giving others the impressions of peremptoriness and subjectiveness.

Languages are closely associated with nation culture, which is difficult for other nation people to learn and master. Therefore, language barrier is inevitable. Next time if you think that Chinese are rude, you should remind yourself that they aren’t mean to in fact sometimes.