Just a Test

Just to see if I can post…

When I tried to log into WordPress.com this morning, I found that the link was reset or the connection was timed out, which means that WordPress.com now is blocked by the f*cking Chinese Great Firewall. I really don’t know why such a popular site is blocked in China, besides Twitter, Facebook and some Google online services.

If I want to go on using WordPress.com, I have to use VPN for the connection. Sometimes, posting is not available if I use VPN. It is luck that this time I can post via VPN.


2 thoughts on “Just a Test

  1. I’m so sorry that you and your country mates have to live in such a repressive country and culture. I know a little something about having my voice silenced, but not in the way you are having yours silenced.

    This is just awful. My thoughts are with you… Lorna

    • Thanks for your understanding.

      I believe that we have the ability to judge what is wrong and what is right on the internet.
      We don’t like the government to determine what we should visit and not online.

      Sometimes feel…just don’t know how to express in English.

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