Took the Place of Google in China


According to the statistics of CNZZ (the largest Chinese internet statistic analysis service provider), the market share of exceeded that of Google for the first time on Sep. 30 and became the second largest Chinese search engine.

Insiders agreed that has been performing well in local search and vertical searches such as maps, shopping, music and imagines. In addition, has established deep cooperation relationship with online shopping sites such as Also, Sogou Chinese input method and its browser drive more users to search on

Sogou related personnel stated that Google’s values of pursuing of integrity, excellence and innovation were worth learning. They added that they would provide better online experience for Chinese internet users by their unique business model and integrating information more organically. is subsidiary company of Inc. and was separated from to become an independent company on August 9, 2010. It has invited strategic investment from Yunfeng Funds. At present, mainly provides Sogou input method and browser besides its search services, among which Sogou input method is reported to taken up more than 80% of the whole market.

After Google announced its plan to withdraw from China mainland market in 2010, Chinese local search engines such as got an opportunity to expand their business. Although netizens in China can’t have complete access to Google services, is still thought as the best search engine especially among the netizens with high educational degrees.

One famous Chinese blogger, William Long, questioned this statistics. He tweeted that Google was still the second largest Chinese search engine according to the statistics of his blog and only drove a small proportion of traffic to his blog.


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