Why me?

From time to time, a question has been coming across in my mind: what is the reason or significance for my existence. When this question appears, I have a strong wish to figure it out. I also think that my existence is strange sometimes.

I am a wordless person and introverted because of my inferiority complex. Therefore, I talk less with my friends, colleagues and even my family members. Most of the time, I just sit there quietly and listen to other people talking and I seldom express my thoughts. I am afraid of being laughed at and taking trouble to other people.

Just because of my personalities, in many situations, I find myself being ignored just like I am invisible. When I feel I am ignored, the strange question comes: what is the significance of my existence?

Although I react less with other people, I have a colorful inside world and I think more than others about me, people and the whole world. When I am immersed in my inside world, that question also could come across suddenly in my mind. Sometimes I believe that other people’s existence is just the natural thing, but why is there me on earth. In addition, I believe that I may be a miracle creation of gods.

Maybe you think that I am unreasonable and crazy to think about that question; however I still want to know why I can feel myself and the whole world. Where I come from on earth?

Why me? It may be a philosophy question or it would be clear when my life goes to the end. Before my life’s end, this question would be always with me, I think.


2 thoughts on “Why me?

  1. Because humans can think about their own life and death, they do. And they can drive themselves a bit crazy doing just that. I found that “why?” is the most useless question in the world. “Why?” is a question driven by the ego’s desire to gain knowledge for some purpose. But knowledge doesn’t create happiness or even answers. It just creates more questions.

    I gave up asking “Why?” or “Why me?” a while ago and found such peace. I just accept life each moment at a time for what it brings into and out of my life. I am grateful for all of it. I don’t need to understand why I am here to enjoy the miracle of being here.

    Everyone goes through this kind of existential angst. It’s only human. I’m just trying to make my human experience a more peaceful and simple some by not complicating it with questions that serve no purpose and have not answers–at least for me.

  2. Yes, you are right. I also think that this question may drive me crazy some day because it is hard to find its answer. I will try to avoid these similar questions, which are ? to think about.

    Just like what you said,

    I just accept life each moment at a time for what it brings into and out of my life.

    I will do the same as you.

    In addition, I may need to talk more with other people and make more friends.

    Thanks very much for your so helpful suggestions! 🙂

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