Thousands of Chinese Netizens Deeply Moved by the Little Girl

pic by Qi-xing Lu

On October 21st, a picture named Younger Brother Want to Sleep was widely spread on a Chinese twitter-similar site: Tecent Micro Blog. In less than one hour, this picture was shared for thousands of times. Many netizens wrote that they were so moved by the girl that they could not hold tears. In addition, many people tried to help this girl and his younger brother.

pic by Qi-xing Lu

The photographer of this picture is Qi-xing Lu and he said that these pictures were shot on July 29th at Friends Primary School in the west region of Hunan province. The sister hurried to pick her brother when he cried during the sleep while she was attending class. Lu added that the little two children’s parents were working in the city and their grandparents needed to work on the farm. Therefore, the task of taking care of younger brother was left to this little girl. The younger brother’s head is bigger than healthy children because of being undernourished.

pic by Qi-xing Lu

Teachers in this school said that this phenomenon was popular in this region and free lunch was expected for these children.

Although with the rapid economy development, inequality between rich and poor is still one big problem for China. People at the bottom of the society cannot enjoy the benefits of economy development.


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