Today in China, Oct. 29th

#1. A quick-witted driver cheated the death in the accident

In Zhejiang province, a car first crashed with a taxi and then a motor-tricycle loaded with steel rods, which punched through the car. However, it is fortunate that the car driver reacted quickly and threw himself out of the car in time.

#2. Spoiled Chinese little emperor

Due to Chinese family planning policy, each family only is allowed to have one baby. Therefore, the only child in the family is often called little emperor. However, many Chinese children are terribly spoiled. Just like the one in the pic. The boy started to pull his mother’s hair just because the mother refused his demand to by a toy. Even more, he got his fingers to his mother’s throat. Finally, the mother had to buy him a toy.

#3. On the way to school

Winter is coming, eighty-year-old girl, wearing an old pair of scandals and carrying her nephew on her back, is on her way to school. However, the little boy’s smile just makes me burst into tears.

#4. Colony events in China

Cars were upset in a recent colony event

In a quickly changing society, with many conflicts and contradictions, colony event happens in China from time and time. People lose their faith and money is the only thing that people care of.

#4. Fun pic


In Thainland, the separated lovers meet again when the flood waters subsided.


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