Today in China, Oct. 31th

#0. To start with youth

Youth is useless when we own it. Only after we waste the youth and begin to cherish the memory of youth, it becomes priceless.

#1. “I love my country.”

Since childhood, people in China are educated to become patriots. Almost each child in school has written the compositions on the topic of “why I love my country”. The following is one diary by a schoolboy:

Dad and mom,
After school, my homework is to write a composition on the topic “I love my country”. Because you are working in the city, you may not know that our house has been torn down forcibly. However, I would be nice and donโ€™t worry about me. In addition, I would finish my homework on time. Now, I am writing the composition on the ruins of our house.

PS: Land is not privately-owned in China but belongs to country. Chinese citizens only have the right of using the land. With the rapidly development of real estate industry and urbanization, many people’s houses have been torn down forcibly. Even worse, people can only own the house as a commodity for 70 years. It is still uncertain until now what would happen after 70 years. The point is that the land belongs to country and it can be taken back at any time.

#2. Air quality in Beijing

Recently, air quality in Beijing gets many people’s attention. One netizen wrote on his micro blog that he even could feel the toxic gas in the air. Ironically, the weather report said that the air in Beijing was good.

#3. Policemen tried to cover the truth of the car accident

In the afternoon of Oct. 29th, a police car killed 5 persons plus 2 persons injured. Accident happens each day. However, in this accident, the policeman (also the driver) violated the law and drove the police car drunk. Even worse, after the accident, police department tried to cover the truth, which led to the conflict. Angry people upset the police cars.

#4. Fun pic

Have you ever seen the Mermaid like ‘him’? Thailand people are very optimistic even in the flood.


At last, wish all of you a Happy Halloween.


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