Freshly Pressed is Worth Visiting Each Day

I began my blogging on from March this year. Besides writing for this blog, visiting Freshly Pressed page becomes a routine for me. It is really an exciting thing each day to find what are new on Freshly Pressed, just like opening gift boxes on my birthday. Unlikely birthday, each day I can enjoy surprise from Freshly Pressed.

It is surely a difficult job to choose the posts worth being on Freshly Pressed from millions of blogs. However, one thing is certain that all these posts are the best of the best.

What can you get from the Freshly Pressed? In fact, we all don’t know what we are going to get.

#1. Amazing pictures
You may always be dreaming of traveling on the wild grassland of Africa but your time is not permitted. Maybe you are a photography enthusiast and want to know how to capture a splendid moment. FP can partly satisfy your hope. Millions of bloggers share millions of their photos taken while travelling and it is really enjoyable to viewing these pictures. Moreover, you may come across some amazing pictures just taken randomly. Till now, I still remember one photo on FP that really impressed me by its beauty:


Some other pictures can give me more than just enjoyment. Just like the pictures on Stalking the Summit of Mt. Rainier, which show their ambitious to conquer the summit. I really could feel them just to see their photos.

#2. All kinds of lists
You may just ever have made shopping lists. However, making lists can really be a professional and creative work. I never imagined that we all could make lists of all kinds in some special perspective.

On FP page, I have read dozens of lists about books, movies, life and so on, which are all inspiring and some of them just make you LOL to read. Here just to name a few:

Top Ten Books That Were Out of My Comfort Zone
Top 10 Movies I am Embarrassed I Haven’t Seen
25 Films That Could Blow You Away in the Second Half of 2011
Top Twenty Horror Movies of All Time

#3. Life and experience
We have to admit that some people are really good at describing and recording what they feel and what they have learned from the common life and their words just flow onto the paper naturally.

We may sometimes be lost in the busy life and have missed some experience that worth remembering. Thanks to FP, we can find back some life experience that we overlooked.

When we go to travel or go to a new place, we all need to pack. However, do you have kind of special feeling when packing? Maybe there is but we just missed it. The feeling is exactly the sweet sorrow. I realized that the moment I read the title of one post: Packing is Such Sweet Sorrow. That post really got me to feel that special feeling of sweet sorrow when I was packing. It is really an exciting thing just to realize your feelings hidden deeply at the bottom of your hearts.

#4. Recipes


I don’t like cooking, not to mention good at it. However, we all love delicious foods. As for me, after reading some recipes on FP, I started to like to see how the delicious foods were made.

To see the flour, eggs, water and other materials that I can’t name becoming foods is a really enjoyable process. In addition, if you love cooking, you would find some amazing recipes such as Sheet Pan Apple Tart, Savory Pumpkin Tart and Skinny Onion Rings.

#5. Humors and wits

Some bloggers are really people with talents or sense of humor. You would just LOL to read their posts or could learn something. Just like Lorna’s post: To be Honest with You. She really wrote something that we ignored in life. In addition, it would be a pleasant and funny experience to read this post thanks to her humorous writing style.

Besides professional experts, every blogger can be an expert on some fields especially such as life and emotional issues. For example, each traveler can be an expert due to their personal experience. Travelling experts (I am not sure if there are travelling experts) may not know matters need attention when travelling with kids, but on FP, we can get it: Travel (with Kids) Advisory. Some other life tips and suggestions by non-experts bloggers are numerous on Freshly Pressed. You just believe that visiting Freshly Pressed, having benefits.

#6. It is really hard to list all what you can get from FP…

As an English learner and lover, I have been keeping visiting FP only for a few months but I have got too much from it. Not only benefiting my English learning, FP extends the horizon of my knowledge and foreign culture understanding.


Today in China, Nov. 26th

#0. School buses in China

China offered high qulity school buses for Macedonia

On Nov. 25th, China offered assistance of school buses to Macedonia. The handover ceremony was held at Macedonia Prime Minister’s office. Cui Zhiwei, representative of China and the ambassador to Macedonia, officially delivered the school buses to the vice minister.

Cui Zhiwei said on the ceremony that although China is still a developing country and faces many difficulties, it would go on offering as much assistance as it can to other countries. Earlier than this ceremony, China has offered many other assistance projects to Macedonia.

This is Chinese school bus

It is really generous for China government to offer school buses for other countries, which improve the reputation of China among the international communities. However, many Chinese netizens don’t think so, because we even don’t have enough school buses for our own kids.

Only one week ago, a damaging car accident killed more than 20 kids. One reason is that the school car was stuffed with 64 kids while it was only allowed to take no more than 10 people. In addition, students in some China rural areas have to walk ten miles each day to go to school. At the same time, Chinese government spent 900 billion RMB (about 150 billion US dollars) on buying cars for government staff and leaders last year. It is believed that China has enough money to provide enough high quality school buses for Chinese students, but the money isn’t spent rightly.

All Good Dads Deserve a Cute and Beloved Daughter

So much fun just with your daughter

Each time I see a girl riding on her dad’s neck, the scene would warm the cockles of my heart. I deeply feel happy for the girl and her great dad. In Chinese parents’ eyes, daughter is just like the close-fitting cotton-padded jacket for them in the cold winter.

All good dads deserve a cute and beloved daughter. Why?

From the birth, you can let her wear her hair long or in a fringe. Putting cute little boots on for little daughters would be the most pleased thing for dads.

In spring, you can take them to the wild and then weave a garland for them. It would be enjoyable just to see their smile on the face.

In summer, you can buy your daughter ice cream and just enjoy the joy that she would bring you.

In autumn, you can take them to walk on the stone road just among the falling leaves.

In winter, you can take them to have a snowball fight and just pretend that you are not able to defeat.

Make your crying daughter laugh is the most rewarding

Good dads never let their beloved shed tears. Good dads also like their daughters calling them bad guys when they are upset. Having a cute daughter and protecting them would be the happiest thing for good dads.

Lastly, say a HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all of you.

Today in China, Nov. 9th

#1. An old photo shows Chinese peasants in 1927

This photo was taken in a cold winter in 1927. Winter is a slack season for the peasants in north part of China. Just like what this photo shows, peasants were at leisure during this time and they could take their time in sleeping, smoking, drinking, playing finger-guessing game and chess.

#2. Waste treatment center becomes cattle farm

A waste treatment center in Changsha, Hunan province has become a cattle farm. Villagers around the center keep their cattle on the piles of garbage. The full-grown cattle would be slaughtered and the beef would be sold on the market.

From the pics we can see that the cattle are looking for musty leaf and peel to eat. Food safety experts claim that germs and heavy metal would be accumulated in the body and cattle. Some workers in the center said that the meat from these cattle tasted a little sourer than normal beef.

#3. Grand court building becomes a place to shoot pre-wedding photos

What the grand building in the pics remind you of? Yes, Capitol Hill. In fact, this building is for a Chinese local court and has been criticized for its luxury. Because of its glory and European building style, many local residents shoot their pre-wedding photos here.

However, taking pre-wedding photos is forbidden now, which is ridiculous.

#4. “Bad” students had to take exams outside classroom

In a middle school in Nanchang, the so-called “bad” students were arranged to take exams outside classroom. In November, it has been cold outside. However, the school proclaimed that taking exams outside room was just aimed to let the “bad” students understand the hardships of studying, which I think totally makes none sense.

#5. Posting online may be dangerous sometimes in China

Internet content censorship is very strict in China. Government has the right to shut down your sites without any reasons. The text message on the left pic is sent by a police officer who threatened the site owner to delete some posts. Netizens often said that Chinese internet is a large Local-Area Network, which is separated from the world internet.

Today in China, Nov. 8th

#1. Yao Ming began his studies in Shanghai Jiaotong University

Classes seem a little more frustrating for Yao Ming than basketball.

Yao Ming started his college life in Shanghai Jiaotong University on Nov. 7th. On the first day, he had linear algebra, English, Modern Chinese History classes. Just a few months ago, Yao Ming officially announced his retirement from NBA and his loved basketball business. Therefore, he may be not used to the new university environment.

According to the plan, Yao Ming has to go to the college four days out of one week and he need not to live in the university. In the interview, he expressed his gratitude for the college to provide him with a long chair.

#2. Fun pic

Never try to take my phone away from me.

#3. Picture and life

Marriage failure sometimes is not the result of choosing the wrong person but being making nothing of the meaning of marriage. Getting married means to live a totally different way of life.

It feels frustrated and depressed today partly because I really find it difficult for me to express what I want to say in English. You can feel me if you are learning a foreign language. In addition, I suddenly realize that I am not qualified for many jobs. I am not good at talking with people and have no special skills. Just feel worried about future…