Today in China, Nov. 2nd

#1. Two trucks loaded with explosives exploded

On Nov. 1st, a destructive explosion happened in Guizhou province, China. It was reported that two trucks were transporting explosives from Hunan province and the explosion happened when passing a car repair workshop. 8 people were killed and more than one hundred people were injured. The explosives on two trucks weighed about 70 tons.

The explosion was destructive and damaged buildings and cars more than 500 meters away.

#2. Difference between Chinese army and American army

This picture now is popular among Chinese netizens. In army, Chinese soldiers are ordered to fold up their futons just like squares of tofu. However, many netizens don’t think it is a good thing and say that our army is practicing folding up futons while American soldiers become stronger and stronger on the battlefield.

#3. No ‘tweets’ while cleaning

He is an ordinary street cleaner and became famous when he tried to post on his micro blog about the dirty, disorderly and bad phenomenon on streets. However, he was not allowed to update his micro blog by his leader, who said that updating micro blog would influence his work. In addition, he would be fined 5 RMB if being caught updating his blog one time. The fact is that he only earns a wage about 755 RMB (amounting to 110 US dollars) a month.

#4. Political cartoon

Ai Weiwei was fined 15 million RMB by the government for tax evasion.

Ai Weiwei (born 18 May 1957) is a Chinese contemporary artist, active in sculpture, installation, architecture, curating, photography, film, and social, political and cultural criticism.

#5. Pic on life

What would you say from this pic?


5 thoughts on “Today in China, Nov. 2nd

    • You are right, thanks for your understanding.

      Maybe it is a little dangerous. However, many other people are doing further than me for freedom and democracy, just like Ai Weiwei in the post. And nothing to worry about. 🙂

      You may know that is blocked in China. We only connect to it by VPN connection. Twitter, Facebook and Youtube are all not available in our country. Sad very much.

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