Today in China: Nov. 3rd

#1. Beijing University students in West Point as exchange students

Beijing University will send students to West Point for the first time in the following winter holiday. As exchange students, they would receive military training and learn courses just like the West Point students for about two weeks. Two presidents and more than 3700 American generals once studied in West Point.

#2. Schoolchildren were punished to run with trousers taken off for talking during class

Just because of talking without permission during class, schoolchildren in Zhejiang province were punished to run with trousers taken off. The headmaster of this school said that the teacher has realized her mistake and written a self-criticism. Educating experts pointed out that this punishment was a kind of cold-violence abuse, which could be seen as a way of humiliating and might has a bad influence on the children’s personality.

#3. 7-year-old girl supported her family by dancing in restaurants

7-year-old girl named Doudou Huang in Xinjiang province has become the breadwinner of her family. Her father’s income was instable for his fitness. In order to earn the money for her school, now she is “dancing” in a restaurant for four times each week and she can earn 800 RMB a month (about 140 us dollars).

#4. Just another colony event in China

#5. Apple hires Regulatory Compliance Manager in China

Many people complain that Apple don’t pay much attention on Chinese market and customers. Maybe Apple is misunderstood. The regular new product examination and approval only takes one week in Singapore, but in China it would take more than one month. In addition, you never know what new rules you would come across. To tell the truth, dealing with Chinese government is really a tough task.

#6. The girl and Bengal Tiger (Separated by glass)

#7. Thailand people are really optimistic even with the damaging flood.

8#. Goats on the tree (just because of being hungry)

9#. No war forever


4 thoughts on “Today in China: Nov. 3rd

  1. These photos are heart-breaking, each in their own way. I feel so helpless to do anything about the humiliation and suffering. And the US relies on China for economic stability so we won’t do anything about the oppression. It’s just horrible.

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